BTEC Level 3


· The course is the equivalent of three A Levels/ F.A. and is recognized by Government of Pakistan ( IBCC, H.S.S.C).
· The course’s assessment mode is assignment and examination based, which is about 60% assignment and 40% examination, whilst focusing more on assignments.
· Each subject has separate recognition, this means if a student clears 2 or 3 subjects, he / she would be awarded accordingly.
· Students will develop practical skills and a theoretical understanding of the world of business.
· Students will look in depth at finance, marketing, human resource management and e-business and will have opportunities to devise their own business plans and run their own business activities and events.

What is LEVEL-3 Aimed at?

LEVEL-3 is a course designed to reduce examination burden which a student usually faces while opting for A-Levels and F.A. The course has a specially designed structure in which a student has to prepare the assignments provided by PEARSON and appear in an examination conducted by the Center (CSPS). LEVEL-3 is a course aimed at students who are constantly failing or finding A-Levels and F.A difficult. LEVEL-3 gives student an easy pathway towards their Higher Education. LEVEL-3 is a UK qualification recognized by Education Board of Pakistan that means LEVEL-3 fulfills the criteria for a Bachelor’s Degree and also Higher National Diploma in Business (at CSPS).


Matric / 8 Passes in O-Levels (including compulsory subjects). Minimum age 16 years


Two Years, Full Time

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