Is HND a degree programme?

Yes, HND is a degree programme in Pakistan.It is equated to a two years Bachelors by HEC.HND holders are given entry in the second or third year of a related degree course in various institutions worldwide.

Is HND a recognized qualification?

HND is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). You can continue with MBA in Pakistan after completing your HND or move on to second or third year of a related

degree course in UK and other countries.ICM exempts CSPS HND students from their year 1& year 2.

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of HND program is 2 years.

What is the procedure for admission? Is there an entry test?

Candidates must have SO% marks or more in FSc/FA or 3

A-Level passes. Admission forms are available in the school. Candidates will be selected via interview.There will be no entry test.

Are there any scholarships?

There are no scholarships available for HND however various universities provide attractive scholarships for students who wish to go abroad to pursue a bachelors degree after HND.

What will be the teaching methodology?

The teachers will deliver lectures in classroom via multimedia projectors.The students will also be given in-class activities related to the respective topics.

How will we be assessed?

The students will be given practical assignments; practical projects and they’ll be asked to present their research in form of formal presentations.

Can I have a list of ICM centers?

ICM operates in more than 100 countries around the world, offering a wide range of business-related courses.CONFED School for ProfessionalStudies (CSPS) is the only institute offering ICM courses in Business Studies and Marketing in Peshawar.

When will Ireceive my results?

It can take up to 12 weeks to mark,moderate and process your answer scripts from the date they are received by ICM.

By what date must I submit my exam entry form?

Examination closing dates are available from CONFED School for Professional Studies Peshawar.The examination closing dates also appear on the ICM website. Your entry forms and fees should be sent no later than eight weeks before the date of the first examination you wish to enter for.

When submitting an Exam Entry Form to ICM,students must also fully complete the Academic History Form and print and attach all relevant copies of qualifications and references. ICM will not accept Academic History details by email or fax.

What is the equivalency of ICM qualifications?

ICM is equivalent to 4 years of Bachelors (Honors).Every year, ICM graduates gain entry into universities in North America, the UK, the Republic of Ireland,Western Europe, the Far East, South East Asia and Australasia.For those wishing to study in the UK there are more than 100 different  institutions to which they can apply. For the student, the choice of institution and the preferred country of study are wide and varied.

What is the credit value of my qualification?

ICM qualifications involve completion of a number of units. Each unit is generally worth 20 credits.Thus, a qualification such as the ICM Certificate in Business Studies contains four units and is therefore worth 80 credits.Note that In the European Qualifications Framework the credits (called ECTS) are halved.

E.g. 20 UK credits= 10 ECTS.

What level is my qualification?

The UK National Qualifications Framework (NQF) consists of 9 levels (Including “Entry” Level and Level l,2, up to Level 9)

ICM qualificatoi ns are generally leveled as follows:-

– ICM CertificateN:QF level 4

– ICM Diploma = NQF level 5

– ICM Advanced Diploma = NQF level 6

– ICM Graduate Diploma = NQF level 6

– ICM Postgraduate Diploma = NQF level7

In most cases, the NQF levels correspond to the European Qualification Framework (EQF) levels.Other national bodies have defined different levels,e.g.the Irish (NFQ) and Scottish (SCQF) frameworks are different and you should refer direct to their website for further details.

Who recognizes ICM Awards?

ICM is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). ICM enjoys global brand recognition based on consistently high examination standards. The Awards are recognized and accepted by universities and employers around the world.

How do I register as a student?

CSPS Peshawar offers registration and admission in Business Studies and Marketing. All Professional and Single Subject candidates are required to become Registered Student Members.Registration and Examination Entry forms are only available from an ICM Approved Centre such as CSPS Peshawar.Contact for further information.

Where can I study ICM?

You can study at any ICM Approved Centre. CSPS is the only ICM Approved Center in Peshawar. ICM Approved Centers display a current certificate in the school. Ask to see it.

How long has ICM been operating?

The Institute of Commercial Management was founded by Dr Alistair Somerville Ford in 1979.For more than 30 years it has offered practical and progressive programs of study coupled with unique membership opportunities to both students and business professionals.

Does ICM supply model answers?

ICM don’t supply model answers, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, all questions are based on a set text and the text will contain all of the information you will need.Secondly,with examinations being held four times each year, in up to 200 subject areas,it would be almost impossible to produce 6,400 answers each year.However,past papers,for revision purposes,are available from the website.