CSPS Policies

  • The students must pay the Edexcel Registration in first week of November (for Fall Semester) and first week of March “(for Spring Admissions). CSPS will not be responsible for any problems if the registration payment is not done at the given time.
  • Pearson’s registration fee is subject to change. The institute will charge for registration and other services of Pearson’s including external verification.

The students will be graded in accordance with Pearson’s requirement. In this respect following are to be considered:

The final authority about the grade is with the internal verifier.

Students will be graded for satisfying all the requirements of the grade descriptor and learning outcomes.

General criteria for Merit and Distinction Grades

  • Proper formatting of the report. (Justification of text and components like Table of content, List of figures etc)
  • Proper binding of the report.
  • Very few Grammatical/Spelling mistakes.
  • Appropriate and needed figures/graphs etc to be given.
  • Proper bibliography and references given.
  • Usage of footnotes to explain a term that needs explanation or translation.
  • Appendices (If needed)
  • The students must attend 75% (minimum)of the classes being conducted. If the attendance falls from this limit but is at least above 50%, the student will be graded as pass only.
  • Class attendance will be displayed on the notice board each month. Students with below 75% attendance will be marked with red color. If the situation continues for the second month parents will be contacted.
  • In case the students attendance falls below 50%, he/she will be ungraded for that subject and will have to re take the course (whenever it is offered) after completion of the other semesters.
  • The students will not be given any official leaves during the semesters. They will have to maintain their personal commitments by themselves and maintain their attendance level.
  • The institute reserves the right to drop a student from the rolls if any students fails to have above 50% attendance in three or more subjects.
  • The students are expected to submit their own work in the assignments. The institutes will process the assignment on the anti-plagiarism software.
  • Overall, an assignment with 15% plagiarism reported will not be penalized. But students are advised strongly against any plagiarism. Any work which is found is found to be more than 15% plagiarized failed and will have to be resubmitted.
  • Students are also advised to download anti-plagiarism software from internet and run their documents through that software to assure the clearance of their work.