Muhammad Ali

  • Lecturer & Academic Coordinator

“I have been part of CSPS team as an Academic Coordinator and Pearson Internal Evaluator for over four years now. Ever since joining CSPS, I have seen this organisation grow in its niche area of providing UK based HND qualification in Business Education.
CSPS has distinguished itself from other business institutes of the region as a place where emphasis is laid on two-way learning. CSPS incubates business ideas generated in young minds and encourages them to share and test those ideas in a supportive class environment. The faculty I work with has years of industrial and academic experience. Here we work as a family and have taken on many challenging situations, driven by strong work ethics. CSPS has great work-life balance environment which makes it an excellent place to work.”


PhD research scholar (University of Peshawar)
MBA (Manchester Met. University, U.K.)
B.A., M.A. (University of Peshawar)